Antarctica is the farthest and coldest continent from planet earth. And it has some landscapes that we have never seen before.

From the northern lights, the incredible fauna that exists such as emperor penguins and flora such as tundras, and other plants that despite being a freezing climate manage to survive.

The emperor penguin
It is known for its reproductive cycle, as they repeat a long journey every year to mate and feed their young. It is the only species of penguin that reproduces during the harsh Antarctic winter, which makes walks of between fifty to one hundred and twenty kilometers on the ice to the colonies.
of breeding The female lays an egg that is initially incubated by the male, while she returns to the sea to feed.

It is from this incredible continent that we have been able to take references and get inspiration for this great collection. From the eggshell of the emperor penguin, to the landscapes with unimaginable colors.

The colors of the collection are cold but vibrant, elegant and casual, ready for you to combine them for any type of occasion. We think of you, your feeling of being warm, feeling fashionable and wanting to help your community and planet through the fiber you use.

It is important to highlight that the full-length documentary of The Emperor’s March by Luc Jacquet released in 2005, with an incredible soundtrack by Emilie Simon, awakened in me the idea of wanting to launch a collection based on this continent.

In the ANTARTIDA collection we want to recreate the feeling that when you wear our clothes you feel that you are wearing something special, something from the furthest continent on the planet. It is a collection that shows dream landscapes, with stylized and abstract designs of the flora and fauna of one of the coldest areas of our planet. Mixing traditional designs and styles with a mystical vibe and a casual touch.

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